Saturday, February 04, 2006

Hong pictures

A few (actually rather a lot...!!) pictures of Hong Kong...

How does the weather always know that it is Chinese New Year?....cold, grey and damp...Chinese New Year's Eve...when I arrived I was smirking at everyone running around in the their winter gear - boots, hats, coats etc...after about three hours I had changed into - boots, coat and scarf!!!

although Chinese New Year's day was glorious...cold, blue and sunny!

Chinese New Year decorations at Harbour City

The new (well at least with it's wrapping off!) AIA building and it's "little" screen at the top!

The MO looking rather folorn...I am sure that it will be wonderful when it the meantime HKG will have to survive without a chocolate afternoon tea buffet and the best eggs benedict in town!

Who says you are never alone in HKG....Kowloon station, Tung Chung Line, 2nd day of Chinese New Year....not a soul....!!

What every airport needs...but only CLK has...a giant LV suitcase in the arrivals hall!

For the person that has everything...a gold Chinese monopoly set...also politically correct (or incorrect depending on your thoughts), not only does the board include sites in the Mainland and Hong Kong...but Taipei 101 and a few other Taiwanese landmarks!


Blogger Madame Chiang said...

I must say that the weather on CNY day was fairly spectacular and in that kind of weather HK always looks great!
However, as a city it still gives me a big thrill, I spent the whole of the first two days back in town walking around with this stupid great smile on my face!!!
Sorry to rub it in...but - it really is a great city!!

8:35 pm  
Blogger Skippy-san said...

Oh man! That's where I should have been instead of freezing my a** off in Korea. Tickets were bought, hotel reserved, but with no luggage, not quite what I wanted........

SIGH. Glad you got to go to one of my 2 favorite places on the planet!

8:36 pm  

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