Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm back....

And just a few bits of drivel...

As I arrived at NAIA (aka the only other airport that even comes close to Dhaka!) last night I was greeted by the sight of new luggage trolleys...this news has a good side and a bad side....the good side is that the new trolleys are wonderful - they do everything a luggage trolley should....the bad side is that if they have put new luggage trolleys there does that mean that the new terminal is never, ever, ever going to open....and then I saw Torn & Frayed's comment...

The best thing about coming back last night....my French friend & I managed to catch about an hour together at the airport...worth coming back a day early for...again I ponder the odd I life I lead where a snatched hour at an airport with a friend is worth so much. He gave me the update of ex-colleagues and I found out that one of my other French colleagues in Jordan (who has since been working in Cairo) is going to work at the Grand Hyatt Amman....I am immensely jealous and also glad - now I have somewhere really classy to stay in Amman instead of my usual bolthole which is allegedly ideal for the "wary traveler"!!

those of you who have cats will be well aware of the 'returning from holiday' syndrome whereby the average cat goes into a monumental huff when you return from a trip...mine are usually no exception - however, two weeks is obviously long enough for them to miss me..."I have a little shadow, that goes in and out with me..." they have both been hard on my heels since my arrival home!!

I am one of those people that once I make a decision I want to see it through as soon as possible....whilst in Koh Samui I decided to get my ears pierced....nowhere on the island appealed so I waited until I returned to HKG...after trawling around Central, Admiralty and Harbour City - I gave up...."Will no one stick a pin in my ears?"!!! Anyway, back in Manila - some nice man at Powerplant obliged...so here I sit with my aching ears wondering how I got to my age without doing this....next up - a tattoo....just have to find the right dragon now!!

Whilst in Koh Samui I met a good group of people...particularly three others with whom I spent the better part of two days just sitting talking and laughing ( a lot) with....it felt really good just to sit and talk about nothing in particular - and made me realise that these days I never really do that with my real friends...we chat over dinner or lunch...but there is a time limit on that - the thing in Koh Samui was that there was no time limit....I must remember that in future. I have to say that I laughed so much my face hurt afterwards - it's a good feeling!


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