Saturday, July 02, 2005

Saturday morning introspection.....

As I sit here in the tip that has become my home (not that it was any great shakes before!) I am wondering what the hell I am doing....

Yet again I find myself packing up, moving country, changing jobs and severing links....and all in the name of what...? A new job, a new company, a new country to explore....Normally I have a great sense of excitement about all of this...but this time I seem to have a sense of impending doom...I know it sounds overly dramatic but that's just the way I feel....Normally I enjoy my dragon slaying life but just at present I would like to curl up in a log cabin somewhere in Canada and hide from the world.

I can't define this sense of doom except to say I that I keep thinking that this next move may send me into travel overload and my next move could well end up see me heading for the UK and in my mind that is akin to giving up completely.

I have been wondering for the last couple of weeks if it is all worth it....I have been wondering if it is time that I stop this incessant wandering and this unending quest for something better when something better could be just under my nose but I didn't look hard enough....I think I just need to identify what the things are that I don't like about life and solve those first.

I guess that's enough introspection for one day.....I need to prepare to go dragon slaying next week!


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