Sunday, June 12, 2005

A typical Saturday night in the life of a single lass....!!

The evening started with dinner at a friend's house...there is a group of about 10 of us that meet on a semi-regular basis for dinner. The dinner has a greater purpose though, we each bring a couple of bottles of wine - somthing odd, interesting or extraordinary and the wines are tasted blind, guessed at, revealed and then may sound boring but is actually very entertaining. Even more so when it is one of your wines being discussed and guessed at and you just sit there with a knowing smile on your face until a conclusion is reached.

Dinner wrapped up at about 11:30 so my only other single friend and I from the group decide to drop into LKF....we find a table on the outside of Bar George and settle in for some people watching and gossip! Unfortunately it was a fairly quiet night so nothing too exciting to watch. So we started to discuss life as a single lass in HK...nothing too deep and depressing...we finished up with the unanswered question of how two women sitting on their own outside a bar didn't seem to be of any interest to the local male population........that changed almost as soon as the question had been uttered...

A group of Dutch guys had been milling around out table for a while and one of them decided that this was a good opportunity to start to talk to us. He was in HK for the first time leading a team of Dutch dentists to see some equipment being made up in Shenzhen...the dentists were with him and did not look overly impressed with HK's we chatted for a while - vaguely entertaining as these conversations can be. We also spent some time 'admiring' the way one of the girls had managed to eaze (or ooze) her way into a halter neck dress which, given that she was fairly well endowed and without a scrap of underwear, did a sterling job of not giving way...much to the disappointment of some of the male clientele!

Come 1:45 I said to my friend that I really had to go home as I was working we headed down the hill to get a cab and then the fun I rummaged in my bag I found I didn't have my house keys...I knew where they were...on my desk at work. So then the internal debate I go back to Pokfulam with my friend, crash in her spare room and then try to get hold of my spare key in the morning or do I traipse over to TST in the hope I might just get my keys....I went with the TST 2am saw me scaring the life out of our security guard and traipsing through our office building in the dark (very creepy I might add) and collecting my keys. Having said was all very quick...I left LKF at 1:45 and was at home in bed in Sheung Wan by 2:30. Definitely the better decision, waking up at home feeling a little icky is always better than waking up at someone else's house feeling icky!

So there you have it...your average Saturday evening...I guess if I hadn't been working today we would have headed to Wanchai...but then I think that the feeling 'icky' would have been something a whole lot stronger!


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