Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Feeling grotty....

Woke up this morning with a raging sore throat, aches and pains all over, coughing and a good warming fever....great.

As I dragged myself from my desk to the doctor I realised that when ever I feel really grotty I just want to run home to my mother with her nice peaceful house, dark curtains and mashed potates and poached eggs (it sounds disgusting but believe me it is wonderful...the poached egss must have a runny yolk!).

However, I also remembered that as a child my mother would judge just how ill I really was if I accepted that I couldn't read whilst lying in my sick bed. Being a voracious reader (particularly as a child) being deprived of reading material was a fate worse than death....

So I would tell my mother I felt really ill and could I please go back to bed for the day (I wasn't missing school - this was during holidays from boarding school) so my mother would tell me it was no problem but as I was so ill I couldn't read...I remember very clearly a number of times when I felt that death was a favourable option to how I felt but being without a book was just too much to handle so I would rally and say "Ok, I wont be ill".....after a few hours my mother would usually realise I wasn't well and bundle me into bed with a book! The times when I would agree to go back to bed without a book...I didn't get to go to bed but was bundled off to the doctor immediately as she realised that it must be serious.

A few years back in HK I had to spend some time at the QE hospital and was bedridden for two weeks, not even allowed to sit parents used to bring me copious amounts of reading material which sat untouched by the bed...between the pain and the morphine I wasn't reading anything...probably the longest I have gone without reading a book - ever!

So that is how I judge just how grotty I bed with a book means that I stay at bed without a book...means I go is a book day so will remain at work.

Oh, and a note to the wise.....if you ever plan on visiting your company not leave your staff medical card, staff card and HK ID card at home in your wallet.


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