Monday, June 27, 2005

Is it just me...?

Why would anyone in their right mind do this?

And the logic of this defies me...I really can't be bothered to go into a whole spiel about the brains behind this, have the words 'moving' and 'change location' not crossed anyone's minds...


Blogger Solbi-wan Kenobi said...

That bee story is pretty bone-headed.

But the 'speed cam' story pretty much works to a certain extent. At least back home in Malaysia. Around the accident-prone holiday seasons, there would be emails going around listing speed traps on the major motorways. Unofficial, mind.

Methinks 'they' don't make it official 'coz otherwise traffic coppers can't make their 'quota', or 'tips', as the case may be! LOL

7:10 pm  
Anonymous Jesse said...

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