Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Big Brother is listening...

I think that my relocation company was eavesdropping on conversation with the Island Boy.

I asked the relocation company for a quote for the cats to be shipped from Bangkok to Jakarta*. The quote came back today...they've quoted for 40Kg of airfreight cargo....just how big do they think these Kitties are...??!!!!!

The two together weigh 7.5Kg...plus crate of about 10Kgs...plus the measurement allowance...never in all my days of flying cats around has the weight come anywhere near 40Kgs..!!! Needless to say, I shall be doing this myself!!

* It seems that getting animals into Indonesia is rather complicated, they cannot go direct to Bali, but have to go via Jakarta where they need to do 14 days of quarantine..and then, this is the kicker, they have to go overland to Bali...an average of about a 20 hour drive...what a nightmare...

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