Saturday, April 26, 2008

Conversations in Thailand!!!!

The Island Boy is headed to Bali for a few years of work and island to another... before he starts his new job he will be dropping by Bangkok for a few days...and would like to see some 'local sights'....this morning's conversation went a little like this...

Me: "So what would you like to see whilst you're here?"
Island Boy: "hmmm, the elephants, the floating market...."
Me: "Anything else?"
IB: "hmmm, oh yes, I'd like to do the Thai Girls"..
Me: "I'm want to do what with the Thai Girls?"
IB: "Just go and see them...maybe pet them if allowed"
Me: "Well I guess Soi Cowboy's on the agenda then, but I'm not really that keen on you petting Thai Girls"
IB: "Not Thai Girls.....(insert here a rather dodgy sounding roar)....TIGERS"
Me: "Oh...yes, I guess that does make more sense" final point on, if the Island Boy is frightened of petting this....

How the hell will he be able to pet this?........


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