Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Rather odd really....

Whilst wandering around Fortnum and Mason and looking at their partially renovated food hall I happened to see a mouse scampering around on the floor between the shoppers. Because I wasn’t 100% sure what I had seen I stopped and watched it for a minute or so...another shopper said to me "Did you see what I saw?", so I replied "If you’ve seen it as well...then it definitely exists".

The other shopper (a rather elderly gentlemen) called over a security guard to point out the little rodent...the conversation went like this..

Elderly Gentleman: I saw a mouse
Security Guard: Where?
Elderly Gentleman (singing): There on the stair...
Madame Chiang (also singing): A little mouse with clogs on – well, I declare
Going clip-clippety-clop on the stair - oh yeah

Only in England could two complete strangers start singing something as bizarre as ‘Windmill in Old Amsterdam’

And then it started to get all serious...and they started to hunt the little mouse! So I left!



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