Saturday, March 31, 2007

I think this could be the one...

Finally...after over a year and a half I think I may just be able to go back to the UK to see my family....those of you that have been reading for a while will have been aware of my attempts to get far in the last 15 months I have had my leave cancelled due to a suicide (not mine!), major upheavals at work and a resignation (again, not mine!) my flight is confirmed, my leave form is signed...

I am due to fly out on Saturday 7th April....a week in the UK, followed by three days in HKG, followed by a trip with the Island Boy and the City Boy up to the rice terraces...finally!

Now my leave has been cancelled before on less than a week's notice so am not getting unduly excited! Plus I haven't dared tell my parents or my Grand-father, I think yet another disappointment would not be good....we shall see! My brother received the news with a rather heavy dose of sarcasm...

I spoke to my brother last night and we have decided that the element of surprise is I wont tell my parents at all...and the plan is this...

1. On Thursday, on his return from a business trip to Geneve, my brother will let drop into conversation that the airline lost his suitcase on his return trip.
2. On Saturday, my brother and his wife will drive down to the family home in Sussex, en route he will call my mother and say that the airline have called and his suitcase is at Heathrow but he needs to collect it personally because it is so badly damaged (he will have to call to start the story as my brother has the family trait of being a terrible liar face to face - but he can just scrape by on the phone!).
3. He'll leave his wife at my parents house and drive up to Heathrow to collect me (aka the badly damaged suitcase!)
4. When we get to my parents house, no doubt all will be I can just sneak up to my bedroom and get some kip.
5. Next morning I can just wander down wanting to know if there's any chance of getting a cup of tea...!

Let's see if the plan works...!!! Nothing like a bit of a surprise for everyone!

And in other holiday news....I received an SMS the other day from my mother telling me that my Grand-father and his girlfriend had gone to Nevis for two the time I did wonder what they would be doing up a mountain in Scotland for two weeks at this time of year...but it's my Grand-father and he likes his walking...anyway, after talking to my brother yesterday evening I discover that he is in all reality, sunning himself in the's tough at the top!!!

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Blogger Em said...

Fingers and toes crossed this time!!

Oh and the word verification for this comment is


That has to be a good sign!

12:49 pm  
Blogger Dominique said...

I hope it all pushes through. Sounds like a good, hilarious plan. I hope your family loves the surprise. Safe journey!

11:25 am  

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