Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rumours of my demise...etc etc etc....

Iraq is now into it's fifth year since the invasion....and it's not looking good. But, they do have 'Good Morning Iraq' and it seems, a TV Chef...

Do polar bears even like Elvis Presley songs??!!!!

Donald Tsang takes 'shoe shining' to a level previously unseen by mankind....

TIME: You worked a long time with the British, and now with the Chinese. What's the difference?
TSANG: We are a lot freer now. The only thing the central government has a keen interest in is our constitutional development. Every other thing, our economic policy, our social policy, is run from here. Before 1997, London would clear those things. Every morning I would spend three quarters of an hour reading telegrams from London, and do another two hours of [related] work. I never do that now.

TIME: So Beijing is not micromanaging your government?
TSANG: Not micromanaging. Not [even] managing. There are things they are interested in. Foreign affairs, but I don't care about that. That is done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs representative here. As for national defense, we have got the People's Liberation Army here. They are much more well-behaved and disciplined than their British counterparts before. Previously, every week, there would be brawls.

And's all wrong!!!

The Philippines has supplied most of the world with domestic helpers, medical staff, catering staff, people willing to work where noone else will...and forecasters!

I wish I could cook four meals!!! I can manage beans on toast...and a mean scrambled eggs from the microwave (the Island Boy was well impressed!)..and that, dear readers is the sum total of my culinary skills!



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