Sunday, December 03, 2006

Power Dressing....

It's not often that reading the FT makes me snort....but this weekend it did...

In the Style section is a little section dedicated to Power Dressing, and the subject this week is none other than Imelda Romualdez Marcos, garnering more press for her recently launched line of fashion jewellery and accessories. Unfortunately the article has no link on the FT website so you'll need to make do with a photo...(not very high tech, I'm sorry!)

The snorting came after reading the following sections...
Dress: ......"I can't afford to buy expensive clothes and certainly cannot afford couture. (The Philippines government) robbed me of everything"
Scarf: Asprey
Watch: Bulgari

Well, if she has a watch from Bulgari, we at least know she's not completely destitute.

and finally.... "The collection)will succeed becase we are selling beauty and of course, God and love. To be 'Imeldific' is to unleash the beautiful in you. Mao surrendered to beauty. He said, what I love about Imelda is that she is so natural and that is perfection'..."

The article gives a link to the website promoting the former First Lady's collection, with information such as the authenticity of the pieces and what to do with them when they fall apart, an added bonus are the desktop wallpapers that are available for her true fans.....

I'm not sure if that's a trout or not....?

And no, this post was not intentionally written to scare a certain lady in Barnsley!!!!



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