Sunday, December 03, 2006

Typhoon Alley.....

As Typhoon Durian (Reming) makes its way accross the South China Seas to inflict its damage on Vietnam, there are two thoughts that cross my mind...

The first is that Mount Mayon seemed fairly set on causing some form of catastrophe this year...if a volcanic explosion wasn't on the cards, then the mudslides from a typhoon will cause equal amounts of damage and death.

Secondly, in modern Hong Kong, safe and secure in our concrete infrastructure, even the likes of Typhoon York, inflict 'relatively' minimal damage. Yet, here in the Philippines these typhoons wreak death and destruction on unimaginable levels, the fact that possibly 1,000 people lost their lives during Typhoon Durian is incredible. As we sit here in Manila enjoying the sunny day, blue skies and air cleared of the pollution by the wind from the typhoon, it is hard to imagine the horrors that are being experienced in Bicol at the moment.

Pictures from the BBC
Typhoon Alley from CNN
Aid and donations through the Philippine Red Cross
News updates from the PDI



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