Friday, February 17, 2006

An Arab news round up...

Journalist Jill Carroll has still not been released...and is now on day 42 of being held hostage in Iraq. Details here from Mental Mayhem..I know I've said it before but....behaviour such as this does not make people sympathetic to the terrorists fact as the recent survey in Jordan can make people far less sympathetic.

In Beirut, Valentine's Day marked the first anniversary of the death of Rafik Hariri...has much changed? Has any good come come from his brutal murder? Syria may technically have left the country, however the Lebanese are still dealing with a pro-Syrian leader and still dealing with Syria interfering in their country in a fairly violent way. It is such a shame that this wonderful country that saw so much violence and death in the 70s and 80s is now once again in turmoil.

And a picture....The Jordan Times has been running a series of articles by a guy who is cycling around Jordan...This week his jaunt took him East towards the border with Iraq and Saudi...towards the town of Azraq where Lawrence skulked on his way to Aqaba....the country out there is beautiful I 'did' the drive many times just to be out in the desert...the drive takes you on a ring from Amman out to Azraq and back home on a different road...on the way you pass what are known collectively as the Desert Castles...of which Qasr Al Kharaneh (the 'K' is pronounces more as an 'H')...and this picture shows what the scenery is like...

In the vast and peaceful Jordanian desert, there are probably a hundred desert castles and palaces. Some are very small, some just a pile of rocks, while others are major attractions and important structures - the most significant of which are probably Qasr Amra, Qasr Al Kharaneh, Qasr Tuba and Qasr Mushata.

Link to the full article here (remember, they only last a week!)..

Also from the Jordan Times...

AQABA (Petra) — A passenger train connecting Aqaba with Wadi Rum will start operating within two weeks. The train consists of six carriages that can accommodate 25 passengers each. The train will take visitors on a tour of the area's historical landmarks, stopping at sites such as the Aqaba Citadel, the residence of Sharif Hussein Ben Ali, the Wadi Rum Tourist Centre and the site of the Great Arab Revolt.

and finally, this fromReega Reega Hareega.....The best way to execute Saddam Hussein.....send him hunting with Dick Cheney....


Blogger expat@large said...

that's funny about Saddam, but I imagine he'll be grovelling at Cheney's knees. going "Look into your HEART, Dick, LOOK INTO YOUR HEAAAAAAAAAARRRTTT."

"sorry Saddam, ain't got one." Blam!

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