Saturday, July 02, 2005

Cyber serendipity.....

The other day I started a post and then saved it as a draft. The post was as follows:


So what is acceptable....

So boys and girls......what do you perceive as being an 'acceptable' age difference between couples?

I am asking your opinion after a discussion with a friend who is thinking of embarking on a dalliance with a guy a few years her junior...

I have dated someone younger than me before but only by one or two years...not really enough to make a difference, so am not best placed to comment...I generally go for someone older than me...just makes more sense to me, so I couldn't really be much help to her.


Anyway I just left the post I clicked over to Wonky Tong and found this.

Interesting timing....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anything is acceptable as long as both are adults. Age difference is mostly in the mind. Most of the time I feel younger in grappling with life as my 25 year younger wife. She wants stability I want adventure. And then again it works out because I could use the stability and perhaps I spice her live up with adventure.

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