Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Hello Vera!

Today is one of those days when my stars and planets are so out of kelter I am surprised the World hasn't stopped spinning....

+ I wake up late - falling out of bed in the process
+ Fall out of the shower, slide across the bathroom floor and cut my foot on the door frame
+ Ladder two stockings before I manage to get both on without any further damage
+ Fall down the up escalator coming to the office

and then...and then the icing on the cake....large cup of tea, boiling water...I hit the deck...burn my arm and my face.....the pain is bad enough...without the indignity of walking around with great big red scalds across my face...everyone is too polite to ask but I can see them thinking..."What the hell?"...

So I am hiding at my desk and licking my wounds...actually not so much licking as bathing them in Aloe Vera...I tell you, that stuff really helps...momentarily...and then the heat and the pain is back!

And you know...there are still 10 hours left in this day in which I could cause untold damage...

.....Look Out World


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