Monday, May 09, 2005

Lucky Pants....!

An interesting insight into dating in the UK...this report from Sky News....

The average cost of a date in Britain stands at £200 with men spending 10 times more than their potential partners.

Britain's 8.6 million singletons go out on five dates a year on average...

Both sexes believe in lucky pants - on average a dating hopeful will fork out £38.73 on these a year in a bid to improve their love life.

One wonders...about the lucky pants (or at least I do), I am assuming that if you go on a date wearing your 'lucky pants' and the date is unsuccesful, those 'lucky pants' are then relegated to normal pants otherwise they cannot be very lucky. However, if they do prove to be 'lucky', that must mean that by the end of the year they could be pretty worn out.

Which sort of pants would you designate as lucky? The Bridget Jones all encasing variety or something from Agent Provocateur?(soon to be opened in Lane Crawford)...I guess it all depends on whether you are male or female!!


Blogger Kate said...

Lucky pants...was not thinking as you were, so was imagining that hopefully someone dating me wouldn't think their lucky pants were of the golfing style variety

10:33 pm  
Blogger Madame Chiang said...

Ah yes, the great UK vs. the rest of the world underwear/pant divide!

2:35 am  

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