Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Hard to let go....

I unfortunately seem to be one of these restless souls who is never 100% happy with where I am living at any given time...future or past grass always seems so much greener.

This has no relation to working environment or people...just the country. I am not sure if I am doomed to be this restless for the rest of my life or if I just haven't been to the right country yet...When in Switzerland I hankered after the hill country in Sri Lanka, when in Hamburg I longed for the mountains of Wengen, when in Jordan I pined for the hustle and bustle of HK, back in HK I long for the desert nights and wild beauty that only the desert and mountains can provide...I think I have a serious travel problem!!

Or maybe as someone pointed out the other day I just haven't met the right person to enjoy the right country with...

The reason for this particular thought process started when I was talking to a friend of mine about buying a new mobile phone....we both have the same phone, bought during a retail therapy session in Amman...she asked if I was considering buying a new phone and I said I was a bit loathe to give up my phone for the very simple reason that it has Arabic characters on the key friend laughed and said that she remembers our shopping trip in Amman when I was loathe to buy a new phone as I didn't want to give up my HK phone with the Chinese characters on I said before I am never happy!

So there you have unsettled soul!


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