Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A word of advice...

...only go to sleep early if you are tired enough to sleep through the night otherwise you wake up at 2am obsessing about things that you have no control over....such as past relationships or even potential relationships!

2am this morning saw me rehashing a relationship I haven't revisted since it ended about 7 years ago, as I lay there in the dark I thought that maybe I had made a mistake ending it so rashly, he was a good guy ('nice' doesn't fit here!) for me and probably the only relationship that I have had where there was an element of equality and total understanding (probably related to the fact that we both had similar jobs). Fortunately in the cold light of the morning I realise that I did do the right thing and if I hadn't ended it when I did then we would still be drifting along in the same way 7 years later.....

3am saw me analysing a possible present/future relationship....although after much thought I don't think it is going anywhere, we both seem to be fairly ambivalent about taking it any further than seeing each other once every 10 days and to be honest, with my impending departure it does all seem a little too much like hard work!

4am my bedroom air-conditioner packed up....

So what would have been a good night's sleep has me greeting the morning in a fairly grouchy frame of mind....and I am not working today....bad combination!


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