Saturday, May 14, 2005

Ivan Noble

Those of you that read the BBC website frequently will be familiar with the name Ivan Noble. For those of you not familiar with his name....a little background on this courageous man..this text is taken from the back of his book Like A Hole In The Head: Living With A Brain Tumour

"In August 2002 Ivan Noble's life was turned upside down. A science journalist working for the BBC News website in London, he was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Faced with a desperately hard battle against the disease, Ivan decided he would like to share his experiences with readers of the BBC News Website. He hoped it would demystify a disease that touches so many lives but which also frightens so many.

The internet medium and his easy, informal and personal style has allowed people from across the world to discuss the disease and share their experiences. The e-mails the website has received in response to his dieary testify to the amazing effect his at times brutal honesty and openness about his disease has had throughout the world.

Since his diagnosis, Ivan married his girlfriend, watched his daughter grow up and fathered a son as well as having survived two major brain operations, chemotherapy and various experimental treatments in his extraordinary fight for survival. Sadly, earlier this year Ivan finally gave up the battle and died peacefully in a hospice.

As a moving record of living life richly in the face of mortality, this diary is a testimony to the depth and sheer determination of the human spirit."

Ivan started writing his online diary in September 2002 and I read it from the very first entry, waiting for his updates and news on his progress. I remember sitting in Amman reading his 13th February 2003 entry about sitting in Hong Kong watching the ferries cross the harbour. When I saw the words "read Ivan's final diary entry" on the BBC website in January of this year, I was devastated. I cried as I read his final entry entitled, 'The Time Has Come'. I know that the last few months of his life were so hard on him and his family but I still couldn't comprehend that someone who had so much fight and had been through so much to kick this terrible disease was no longer there and no longer writing.

His diary entries have now been made into a book (link above) which I picked up in Page One today. I shall read it from cover to cover this evening.


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