Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Enough Tears to fill the River Jordan

When I was in Jordan I shed many tears over the situation in the West Bank and all the problems faced by both the Muslims and the Jews in the continuing cycle of violence. It breaks my heart that two groups of people that are so closely interwoven in race, history and oddly religion, cannot find some field of understanding or something to grab hold of with which they could move forward.

Unfortunately the situation is often misunderstood outside of the immediate arena, as such most take their lead from the media they choose to read or are fed...

This evening I settled down to watch the last three episodes of The West Wing (Season Five). The second to last episode spends about 10 minutes giving all sides of the stories...the Israeli settlers, the suicide bombers, the Israeli soldier and the Palestinian who wants to get on with his life, earn money and support his family but is unable to because the suicide bombers stop his travel to work. It is done well and fairly and gives both sides of the story. If there is any doubt in your mind as to the many different facets to this terrible situation...this is an excellent summary.


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