Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bits and Pieces...

Am now onto Day Four of being able to see DB from my eyrie in Tsim Sha Tsui....12 years ago being able to see DB from TST was such a normal event that nobody ever mentioned the opposite is true...not being able to see DB is the norm and sightings of it are so rare they can be counted!

Am pleased to see via Hemlock that a little bit of Hong Kong will be coming with me to Manila, the words "Herculean" and "task", spring to mind.

Tony Blair is trying to take family life back to the 'good old days', when families actually sat down and ate together. The points raised are all true, however family life has changed dramatically in the past twenty years...more mother's are now out working, children are far more mobile, schools have a far greater number of after school activities all designed to prepare children for the challenges of the future and working hours are much longer...add all this together and trying to get the whole family to sit down to eat together is going to be challenging. Throw in the present culture of kids having their own TVs and computers in their bedrooms and it becomes almost impossible.

Jordan uses Petra for something that will be broadcast on the world stage...if only because of Richard Gere!

One would think that Israeli diplomats had enough to worry about without this

and finally....Canadian politics finally seem to be verging on the 'exciting'!


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