Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Honestly, I was just petting the good looking drunk guy...!!!

Yesterday when reading Indy's post for the love of pussy, I actually laughed out loud...and kept giggling all day just thinking of this one line....

There is a reason why a dog is man’s best friend…would Russell Crowe have been taken half as seriously as Maximus if he’d gone into battle with a Persian Cat…I don’t think so!

I may not agree entirely with Indy's comments, being the owner of two furry felines would explain my incomplete agreement. However, to a certain extent I can see his point...I love hounds...favourite breeds - Scottish Deerhound, Irish Wolfhound and German Shepherds. But the hours that I work, the places that I live and my overall lifestyle is not conducive to looking after a dog. So 8 years ago I made the decision to take home two street cats from Causeway Bay....its a decision I've never regretted. However, I am fortunate, Chairman Mao is as much a dog as any canine you would wish to meet...he sits, stays, stops squeaking, all on command...and he'll fetch as well! Chiang Kai-shek....well being the grouchy, unsociable character that she is...I never have to worry about her 'cat' behaviour, she curls up in bed at night to sleep and that's as good as it gets!

And whilst touching briefly on the subject of pets....in the first edition of the Philippine Maxim magazine (a friend of mine was profiled, hence I was flicking through the magazine!!!), there was a rather amusing quote....

Men are like pets, every woman should have one"

And today's post from Indy, hear, hear!!! I know he only surveyed the 'blokes in the pub', but speaking for myself I can safely say I agree completely!

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Blogger Indiana said...

So the question now rests with; what did you do while drunk? ~grin~

9:15 am  
Blogger Madame Chiang said...

Indy: Nice girls don't kiss and tell...!!! Have you not learnt that yet......?!!!!! Suffice to say, the person in question will probably understand!

12:58 pm  
Anonymous Jack said...

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10:34 pm  

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