Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sometimes good stuff does happen!!!

All in, it's been a pretty bad week....but there have been at least two highlights...

the first was attending the Mega Magazine Fashion designers award on Tuesday evening - very impressive....a couple of bits and pieces that if I were about a foot taller, and was much smaller in the 'chest' area, I wouldn't mind wearing...

...and the second was a pleasant hour or so spent with Dominique, its always nice meeting fellow bloggers in Manila!

However, things have just looked up....a friend of mine (otherwise known as a particularly bad influence on me!) is flying up from Cebu for a few days...time to go out to play!

Plus, my leave to UK has been confirmed....finally, come the beginning of November I shall get to spend some long awaited time with my family and then I have spoiled myself by adding a few days to the end of my leave and when I return to Manila I shall unpack the winter clothes and pack up for warmer climes and head off down to Cebu....bliss!!! And this time I will make it to Bohol...even though, to my great disappointment, I am assured that there are not thousands of tarsiers running amok across the island...apparently, one has to go to 'accredited Tarsier petting centers'!!


Blogger royal arse said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:40 pm  
Blogger Dominique said...

Hullo, Madame Chiang! It was great to have met you! Thanks again for the coffee and conversation. Be sure to buzz me when you're in my part of the world so I can reciprocate.

9:07 am  
Blogger Mia said...

Smurfette!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!

Madame Chiang - tub of blue body paint on its way!!

2:31 pm  
Blogger treespotter said...

a foot taller an a bit smaller in chest area?

LOLOL, i'm sorry, i really don't want to be insulting, but that automatically makes me think of Smurfette.
really, i love Smurfette

comment reclaimed since it was done using someone else's computer. at first i didn't care, but now i'm getting honey sprinkled almond with kisses, so i have to rightfully claim what belongs to me.

4:48 pm  
Blogger royal arse said...

he made me do that. didn't say there are kisses involved!!!

oi! cheat.

4:53 pm  
Blogger Mia said...

point of order .... it was maple syrup sprinkled almonds ......

5:16 pm  
Blogger Madame Chiang said...

Well I never...I leave the blog alone for a day and all hell breaks loose!!!

Treespotter: Smurfette...I can live with that!!!

Mia: remember I have a British complexion, blue paint not needed, in the cold my skin already has a hint of bluish around me...

Royal arse: he made you do what...precisely??!!!!! And how mean, not giving you kisses!!!!

5:18 pm  
Blogger treespotter said...

honey, i'd prefer honey.

you've to pronounce that properly.
and all this talk of skin, oh. makes me ever so happy.

you're sure you're breathing tho, right? bluish isn't usually a good sign.

and oh, royal arse there, no, i persuasively convince him not to be involved in this business.

5:24 pm  
Blogger treespotter said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:49 pm  
Anonymous Reginald said...

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