Friday, October 20, 2006

It's been one of those weeks....

It's great that finally some of the billboards are being dismantled, but did they have to block EDSA at 6pm on a Friday night, when the majority of the malls were having sale weekends?!

And the Makati standoff is vaguely over...

What not to do with a priceless painting.

Would this have made the news if Steve Irwin hadn't died?

I see the McCartney's are contributing greatly the file of 'how not to have an amicable divorce'

I don't normally watch reality shows...I have better things to spend my time on, but the other day I caught a few minutes of a show I hadn't known existed called Beauty and the Geek. The only part I caught was a quiz where the girl (apparently the beauty) was being asked a question...the dialogue went like this:
Questioner: What is the capital of Iraq?
Beauty: Can you spell that?
Questioner: I-R-A-Q
Beauty: (long silence..I could almost smell the wood burning..!)Afghanistan

Am I seriously supposed to believe that in two and half years of the US forces being in Iraq, that this woman had never connected Iraq and Baghdad...?

The New Zealand town of Inglewood, doesn't look like my kind of underwear..??!!!!

And finally, if this were true, there would be quite a few disappointed females out there!!

Am away to more placid climes for two escape the Machiavellian drama that is work and the Shakesperean tragi-comedy which is my personal life!


Blogger Skippy-san said...

McCartney can afford to get divorced.........that's why the stars go through so many wives. They are the only ones with the money for it.

9:28 am  
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