Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Grey's Anatomy

Sometimes all we want is a taste. Other times there's no such thing as enough, the glass is bottomless. And all we want, is more.


Blogger Mia said...

"Crumbs do not sustain, they just make you more hungry."

11:18 pm  
Blogger Scorpy said...

Mmmmm Meridith Mmmmmm and that other chick in love with the guy with the bad heart and McDreamy's Wife....I sort of watch it but don't tell anyone LOL

2:00 pm  
Blogger Skippy-san said...

I thought this was comment of the guy who said he is gay.........


5:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Argh! I've been on the road since the season started! I can't wait to settle somewhere so I can download the lot and catch up.

Sometimes even the hint of a taste is surprisingly satisfying. Fuel for thought and creates a longer courtship, if you will. Anticipation and all that.

3:56 pm  

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