Saturday, August 19, 2006

Who needs enemies with friends like this....!!!!!

As I mentioned a while back I write a family blog...just to keep friends and family updated....being rather busy at work I haven't updated since March...yesterday I did a few updates with lots of pictures...including a very rare one of me.... now a lot of people haven't seen me for a while...and in that time my hair has grown somewhat.... and this comment came in from a very good friend of mine...

If I remember correctly, your hair, when even longish, is incredibly unruly (read: rat's nest in need of renovation during a hurricane just after experiencing a b&e from decidedly messy robbers: )

Actually it's a very accurate description under normal circumstances...however, for some reason, Manila seems to agree with my hair and at present it is fairly controlled and even vaguely glossy!! However, I am keeping a wary eye for nesting rats!!

Thanks Sweetie!!!


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