Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hermits and other news...

Am seriously considering becoming a hermit for the remainder of my time in Hong Kong...I went out for drinks with some friends last night and was so removed from the conversation and just the worst company mind is just wandering aimlessly at present and so I think that remaining in my cave, instead of inflicting myself on normal society is the way forward.

On that note....have nothing strange or startling to say so will do a quick news round up of things that interest me....

Hillary is making possible presidential squeaks,(free registration required). The article states that "The official line from her advisers is that Mrs Clinton is keeping her options open."...I'll bet she is!!

Suspicions about a Falklands invasion...five years before it actually happened.

Deep Throat has been confirmed, as everyone suspected, as Mark Felt, must be careful about the way I put my plantpots out in future.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky's sentence has been passed...someone must be able to tell me why in every media photo of this guy he is smiling...even when he was behind bars in the courtroom...

Bob Geldof is at it again...I remember Live Aid.....I was en route to Jakarta and we had a six hour layover in Singapore and we sat crosslegged in front of the TV to watch the concert, all over Changi airport there were pockets of people just sitting glued to the TV.

In England the annual cheese rolling competition has again ensured that the rest of the world continues to think that the English are a little on the wrong side of insane!

According to German Gynaecologists these are bad for you.....for whom exactly? I hear the men saying

And in America...etiquette lessons for kids... I must say that, contrary to the general image of Americans...the majority of American men that I know are perfect of my friends used to make my mother dizzy the way he stood up each time she left or entered the room...especially given that my mother is the biggest fidget in the world...and she has never forgotten that way that he insisted on calling her 'ma'am'... actually come to think of it I don't think I have ever met an American guy who was not the 'perfect gentlemen'...

And finally, in Jordan, two brothers get a ten year prison sentence for murdering their other brother with a spanner... "Court papers said the defendants plotted to murder their sibling, who was unemployed, because he was a troublemaker, alcoholic, and drug addict with a criminal record for the past 15 years." I would like to add in defense of the Jordanian judicial system...they "...were originally handed the death penalty by the tribunal for murdering their brother M. on July 18, 2003. But their sentence was immediately commuted to 10 years because the victim's family dropped charges against them."


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I refuse to believe in any study that claims thongs are bad, thongs are simply perfect.

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