Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What I learnt today....

+ The louder the ring on a mobile phone, the louder the person will speak when they speak on the phone

+ People who stand humming inanely, out of tune and directly into my ear for 20 minutes in immigration queues deserve to be hung, drawn and quartered

+ The high speed immigration for Smart Card PR ID cards is wonderful!

+ Don't forget your Octopus card if you are going to be making frequent changes between the MTR and the KCR

+ I can handle about 12 and a half minutes of "Manicure, Pedicure, Missy, Missy, DVD"...before I want to deck someone

+ There is a Starbucks on the HK side of immigration back into HK

+ Eating lunch in a big Chinese restaurant on your own is definitely not advisable unless you enjoy being watched whilst you eat!

+ Women who sit on the KCR and dig into the deepest part of their partner's ear canal and then investigate the contents should be........actually can't think of anything bad enough....

Yes, I spent the better part of today in Shenzhen....


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