Saturday, May 28, 2005

I guess it's the closest I am going to get in this city....

Late yesterday evening/night (finished work too late to do anything constructive), I decided to entertain myself by watching a few episodes of Sex and The City....always good entertainment!

I am watching Season 6 (again!) at the gives a good recap of all Carrie's 'meaningful' in lieu of any better thoughts I decided to rank them in order of preference...(I must be bored!)

and in ascending order:

Jack Burger - too insecure
Aiden - too smothering/pathetic
The Russian - now you're talking...
Mr Big - now you're definitely talking!


Blogger Kate said...

Aidan too smothering and pathetic?! He was good up until Carrie's brain took off for Neptune and she cheated on him. Well, OK, he was good until he found out she cheated on him, and then yes, he became pushy and nsecure about their relationship. But wouldn't you in that setting? She was stupid in the first place to cheat on him.

Berger was a moron. :)

4:06 pm  
Blogger Madame Chiang said...

I have debated the whole 'Aiden' thing with my best friend (we sometimes had a lot of time to kill in Jordan!) and I still don't 'get him'...he just was too much for me...from the get go!

Berger was a discussion!

8:56 pm  

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