Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Parental influence....

What is about our parents that even as adults we are reduced to our childhood characters....defensive, arguementative, secretive and giggly...

Even at the age of 36 when ever I am back in my parents sphere of influence I revert to my 16 year old self...couple of examples...

My Mother is constantly trying to find out if there is anyone 'significant' in my life...her questioning is devious and goes round the mulberry bush more times than you can mention...the Spanish Inquisition would have found her a very capable addition...however, I am on to her and the more she asks...the more I hide...how childish is that?

My brother and his bride to be came down to the parental residence over the weekend...after they left on Sunday my parents and I went out for a 'run in the car' (as my mother so quaintly calls them!)..I had mentally tuned out of their conversation in the front seat until this...

Father:"Those were nice jugs that A (brother) bought with him"
Mother:"Yes, very nice, just the right size and a lovely shape"
Father:"If you like them I shall ask him where he got them so you can have some too"
Mother:"That's a great idea...they would be a nice addition" *

By this point I am sitting in the back seat sniggering away like some 12 year old schoolgirl...Grown up daughter...you must be joking!

When I was a child there used to be a house in Hastings that was painted the vilest pink imaginable and to be bloody minded I maintained that I really liked it even though everyone else in the family found it disgusting (and rightly so, I might add!) and here I am at 36, doing the same thing again...they dislike a painting...I think it is the best thing ever, they describe some music as awful I decide I will put it on my iPod and play it continuously - loudly!

Do I sound obnoxious...damn straight I do! And to be honest...I don't think I am normally like that...it is just a result of being in the 'parental sphere of influence' for more than 24 hours.

* After clarifying the 'jug thing' with my brother he had apparently brought with him a couple of his wedding gifts!


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