Friday, May 06, 2005

Jordan First....

Whilst skipping through today's Jordan Times I came across an article regarding a light aircraft being produced in Jordan. The Yamamah 430, produced by Seabird Aviation Jordan (SAJ) "is factory-built under licence in Jordan from components supplied by the design authority, Jabiru Pty of Australia". Yesterday the plane had it's Maiden flight (hence the news article).

Further into the article came the sentence that prompted me to write..

"Originally a joint venture between Seabird Aviation Australia (SAA) and the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB), SAJ is now wholly owned by KADDB. "

It was the mention of the KADDB that really made me think....The KADDB's mission (in their own words) "is to harness science and technology to fulfill Jordan's defense needs and, in the process, assist the Nation in creating a sustainable industrial base.". The KADDB came into being under King Abdullah as have a number of different initiatives which are all aimed at building up industry and generating more revenue for a resources poor country.

One of King Abdullah's other intiatives was Jordan First, this was more a rallying cry to the Jordanians to ensure that the Jordanian sense of national identity is maintained and strengthened. When driving into Amman from the airport there are a number of massive billboards proclaiming the "Jordan First" logo, Jordanians wear the "Jordan First" pin and the Jordanian flag is flown proudly all over the Kingdom. Including, on what was at the time the world's tallest flag pole.

Jordan First
Jordan First

King Abdullah is following in his father's (King Hussein) footsteps by treading a very fine line on the Worlds' political stage but at the same time is trying to ensure that Jordan's national identity is not lost and that Jordan becomes more financially stable and self-reliant.

It is my personal hope that he is given the time and resources to implement his vision for Jordan.

BTW, for those of you wondering why I seldom put direct links to the Jordan Times...their articles only stay live for a week. Most irritating.


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