Tuesday, May 24, 2005

and so another day starts...

before the crack of dawn!

At I lay in bed this morning pondering 'stuff', I realised that there is a small group of people in Blog land who all seem to be feeling a 'little out of whack' at present...

Spike is concerned about work prospects
The Platypus has so much going on that he is withdrawing from Blog land for a while (hopefully a short while - that's just my selfishness speaking!)
Mia also seems to be having a few concerns

and I am just a bit of a jittery mess....wanted to go out to 'play' last night (read..consume vast quantities of alcohol) but all my friends were going to be working today, bar one who as luck would have it was leaving for London! So came home to 'roam' my apartment!

So the Blog planets are a little out of line at the moment....I hope everyone settles down soon and life returns to an even keel.


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